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Abigail Williams - From Legend To Becoming freeshipping - Transcending Records

Abigail Williams - From Legend To Becoming

Candlelight Records USA
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Special 4 disc packaging!

Track List
1-1 From A Buried Heart
1-2 Like Carrion Birds
1-3 The Conqueror Wyrm
1-4 Watchtower
1-5 Procession Of The Aeons
In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns
2-1 I
2-2 The World Beyond
2-3 Acolytes
2-4 A Thousand Suns
2-5 Into The Ashes
2-6 Smoke And Mirrors
2-7 A Semblance Of Life
2-8 Empyrean: Into The Cold Wastes
2-9 Floods
2-10 The Departure
In The Absence Of Light
3-1 Hope The Great Betrayal
3-2 Final Destiny Of The Gods
3-3 The Mysteries That Bind The Flesh
3-4 Infernal Divide
3-5 In Death Comes The Great Silence
3-6 What Hells Await Me
3-7 An Echo In Our Legends
3-8 Malediction
4-1 Ascension Sickness
4-2 Radiance
4-3 Elestial
4-4 Infinite Fields Of Mind
4-5 Three Days Of Darkness
4-6 Beyond The Veil

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