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Armored Saint - Symbol Of Salvation Live - CD

Armored Saint - Symbol Of Salvation Live - CD

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Format: CD + DVD

CD-1 Reign Of Fire
CD-2 Dropping Like Flies
CD-3 Last Train Home
CD-4 Tribal Dance
CD-5 The Truth Always Hurts
CD-6 Half Drawn Bridge
CD-7 Another Day
CD-8 Symbol Of Salvation
CD-9 Hanging Judge
CD-10 Warzone
CD-11 Burning Question
CD-12 Tainted Past
CD-13 Spineless
DVD-1 Reign Of Fire
DVD-2 Dropping Like Flies
DVD-3 Last Train Home
DVD-4 Tribal Dance
DVD-5 The Truth Always Hurts
DVD-6 Half Drawn Bridge
DVD-7 Another Day
DVD-8 Symbol Of Salvation
DVD-9 Hanging Judge
DVD-10 Warzone
DVD-11 Burning Question
DVD-12 Tainted Past
DVD-13 Spineless
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