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Barclay James Harvest - Baby James Harvest - CD

Barclay James Harvest - Baby James Harvest - CD

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Format: 5 CD Box

Baby James Harvest (Remastered)
CD1-1 Crazy (Over You) 4:10
CD1-2 Delph Town Morn 4:42
CD1-3 Summer Soldier 10:24
CD1-4 Thank You 4:23
CD1-5 One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out 6:04
CD1-6 Moonwater 7:19
Bonus Tracks
CD1-7 Child Of Man 3:19
CD1-8 I'm Over You 3:50
CD1-9 When The City Sleeps 4:12
CD1-10 Breathless 3:05
CD1-11 Thank You (Alternative Version) 4:25
CD1-12 Medicine Man (Single Version) 4:28
CD1-13 Rock And Roll Woman 3:14
CD1-14 The Joker 3:29
CD1-15 Child Of Man 3:34
Baby James Harvest (New Stereo Mixes)
CD2-1 Crazy (Over You) 4:19
CD2-2 Delph Town Morn 4:35
CD2-3 Summer Soldier 10:25
CD2-4 Thank You 4:25
CD2-5 One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out 6:12
CD2-6 Moonwater 7:30
Bonus Tracks
CD2-7 Child Of Man 3:33
CD2-8 Sweet Faced Jane 3:44
CD2-9 When The City Sleeps 4:19
CD2-10 Breathless 3:14
CD2-11 Medicine Man (Single Version) 4:34
CD2-12 Moonwater (Strawberry Studios Demo) 7:02
BBC Radio One In Concert (Mono UK Broadcast Version)
CD3-1 Mocking Bird 8:31
CD3-2 Medicine Man 5:29
CD3-3 Galadriel 3:50
CD3-4 Summer Soldier 8:45
CD3-5 The Poet 4:40
CD3-6 After the Day 7:22
CD3-7 Moonwater 8:14
CD3-8 Dark Now My Sky 12:35
BBC Radio One In Concert (Stereo BBC Transcription Services Version)
CD4-1 Mocking Bird 8:36
CD4-2 Medicine Man 5:48
CD4-3 Moonwater 7:42
CD4-4 Summer Soldier 6:52
CD4-5 The Poet 3:02
CD4-6 After the Day 6:50
CD4-7 Galadriel 4:14
CD4-8 Dark Now My Sky 12:22
Baby James Harvest (Hi Resolution 5.1 Mix/New Stereo Mix/Original Stereo Mix (96Khz/24 Bit))
BD-1 Crazy (Over You)
BD-2 Delph Town Morn
BD-3 Summer Soldier
BD-4 Thank You
BD-5 One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out
BD-6 Moonwater
Bonus Tracks
BD-7 Child of Man
BD-8 Sweet Faced Jane
BD-9 When The City Sleeps
BD-10 Breathless
BD-11 Medicine Man (Single version)
BD-12 Moonwater (Strawberry Studios Demo)
Bonus Video Content
BD-13 Thank You (Promotional Video 1973)
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