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Battalion Of Saints - Complete Discography - LP

Battalion Of Saints - Complete Discography - LP

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Unreleased Tracks (Written 1985, Recorded 2017)
A1 Liar Liar
A2 Blue-Eyed Devil
Battalion Of Saints 7" (2015)
A3 Darkness
A4 Bombs
A5 Nightmare
Punk Rock Christmas Compilation LP (2015)
A6 Jingle Bells
Muscle Of Love 7" (1997)
A7 Muscles Of Love
A8 I Don't Know
Cuts CD (1995)
B9 My New Low
B10 Do It Again
B11 Freedom
B12 I Don't Like You
B13 Love
B14 Stand Up
B15 Protect & Serve
B16 Biowarfare
B17 Fun
B18 Nowhere Going Faster
B19 Faster Faster
B20 Somewhere I Belong
B21 Jack Shack
Hell's Around The Next Corner 7" (1995)
C22 Hell's Around The Next Corner
C23 Thru With You
Sweaty Little Girls 7" (1988)
C24 Sweaty Little Girls
C25 Right Or Wrong (Live)
C26 Modern Day Heroes (Live)
Rock In Peace Compilation LP (1987)
C27 Chris Smith W/Greg Dumis '81
C28 Right Or Wrong
C29 Intercourse
C30 Solitary Is Fun
C31 Animal In Man
Second Coming LP (1984)
D32 My Mind's Diseased
D33 Animal In Man
D34 Right Or Wrong
D35 Holy Vision
D36 Buddies And Pals
D37 No More Lies
D38 Second Coming
D39 Beefmasters
D40 No Time
D41 Too Much Fun
D42 Intercourse
D43 Solitary Is Fun
E44 Fair Warning
E45 Doomed World
E46 Ace Of Spades
Unreleased From The Second Coming Sessions (1984)
E47 Never 'Ad Nothing
Our Blowout Compilation Cassette (1983)
E48 Witch World
Second Coming 7" (1983)
E49 Intercourse
E50 Solitary Is Fun
E51 Second Coming
Someone Got Their Head Kicked In Compilation LP (1982)
E52 Beefmasters (Early Version)
E53 No More Lies (Early Version)
E54 Cops Are Outs
Fighting Boys 12" EP (1982)
F55 (I'm Gonna) Make You Scream
F56 E/B
F57 Modern Day Heroes
F58 Fighting Boys
Unreleased From The "Fighting Boys" Sessions (1982)
F59 I Hate My Job
F60 Headbanger
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