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Burzum - Thulêan Mysteries - LP

Burzum - Thulêan Mysteries - LP

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Format: Double LP

A1 The Sacred Well 2:56
A2 The Loss Of A Hero 0:55
A3 ForeBears 4:04
A4 A Thulêan Perspective 4:03
A5 Gathering Of Herbs 1:15
A6 Heill auk Sæll 3:38
A7 Jötunnheimr 1:39
A8 Spell-Lake Forest 1:07
A9 The Ettin Stone Heart 1:16
A10 The Great Sleep 1:29
A11 The Land Of Thûle 2:15
B1 The Lord Of The Dwarves 5:16
B2 A Forgotten Realm 7:25
B3 Heill Óðinn, Sire 1:19
B4 The Ruins Of Dwarfmount 1:31
B5 The Road To Hel 7:45
C1 Thulêan Sorcery 2:12
C2 Descent Into Niflheimr 1:42
C3 Skin Traveller 4:37
C4 The Dream Land 8:44
C5 Thulêan Mysteries 4:23
D1 The Password 15:15
D2 The Loss of Thulê 5:04
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