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Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies

Ambush Reality
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CD + DVD European pressing with slipcase.
Track List
Take To The Skies
CD-1 Untitled 1:07
CD-2 Enter Shikari 2:52
CD-3 Mothership 4:29
CD-4 Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour ... 4:31
CD-5 Untitled 1:00
CD-6 Labyrinth 3:51
CD-7 No Sssweat 3:15
CD-8 Today Won't Go Down In History 3:34
CD-9 Untitled 1:27
CD-10 Return To Energiser 4:34
CD-11 Untitled 0:18
CD-12 Sorry, You're Not A Winner 3:51
CD-13 Untitled 0:35
CD-14 Johnny Sniper 4:01
CD-15 Adieu 5:40
CD-16 Ok, Time For Plan B 4:54
CD-17 Untitled 2:44
Live At The Astoria
DVD-1 Backstage Footage 2:47
DVD-2 Labyrinth 3:11
DVD-3 Backstage Footage 2:11
DVD-4 The Feast 2:47
DVD-5 Backstage Footage 2:54
DVD-6 Sorry You're Not A Winner 4:31
DVD-7 Backstage Footage 0:10

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