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Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia (The Second Coming) - LP

Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia (The Second Coming) - LP

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Format: Red Double LP

● The Second Coming ●
A1 Pray To Be Saved 2:31
A2 Knee Deep In Shit 1:37
A3 Just Think About It 2:25
A4 Lame Brain 1:59
A5 Third World Genocide 2:04
B1 What Do You Care? 2:53
B2 Moral Bondage 2:09
B3 Self Decay 2:30
B4 Commercial Suicide 2:21
B5 Is This The Way? 2:17
C1 Show Us You Care 2:34
C2 System Shit 1:01
C3 No Threat 1:38
C4 Human Error 1:55
C5 Murder 2:23
C6 False Profit 1:07
D1 You Really Make Me Sick 1:56
D2 Fucked Up System 1:08
D3 Dead Life 0:50
D4 Bullshit Propaganda 1:28
D5 Only In It For The Music 0:59
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