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George Kollias - Invictus

George Kollias - Invictus

Season Of Mist Season Of Mist
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Red Double LP in Gatefold

Track List
A1 Echoes Of Divinity
A2 Invictus
A3 The Passage
A4 Aeons Of Burning Galaxies
B1 Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead
B2 Voices
B3 Treasures Of Nemesis
C1 Apocalypse
C2 Epitaph
C3 Through Empty Eyes Of Light
C4 Buried Under The Flames
Bonus Tracks
D1 Aeons Of Burning Galaxies R. Cooley Shred Version
D2 Voices E. Karadimas Vox Version
D3 Epitaph Drum Track
D4 Apocalypse A. Trapalis Violin Version

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