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Hate And More Hate - Split CD freeshipping - Transcending Records

Hate And More Hate - Split CD

Akracia Records
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Track List
1 El Odio Es Mi Mandato
2 El Camino Del Dolor
3 Voragines mentales

4 Cruz Vacuum
5 Heretic
6 Rito Perverso

Wasted Mankind
7 Drowned in Blood
8 Rats With Mask
9 Human Invent Violence

10 Rage Against Master
11 Rancid Smell Of Death
12 Dead

13 Arquitectura
14 Maniacal Eradication
15 Vengance at Last

Ripping Organs
16 Leave Me Alone
17 Grind Disembowelment
18 Picture of the Famous Person Part II

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