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Dissonance Productions

Holy Terror - Total Terror - CD

Holy Terror - Total Terror - CD

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Format: 5 CD Box

Terror And Submission
CD1-1 Black Plague
CD1-2 Evil’s Rising
CD1-3 Blood Of Saints
CD1-4 Mortal Fear
CD1-5 Guardians Of The Netherworld
CD1-6 Distant Calling
CD1-7 Terror And Submission
CD1-8 Tomorrow’s End
CD1-9 Alpha Omega (The Bringer Of Balance)
Mind Wars
CD2-1 Judas Reward
CD2-2 Debt Of Pain
CD2-3 The Immoral Wasteland
CD2-4 A Fool’s Gold
CD2-5 Terminal Humor
CD2-6 Mind Wars
CD2-7 Damned By Judges
CD2-8 Do Unto Others
CD2-9 No Resurrection
CD2-10 Christian Resistance
El Revengo
CD3-1 A Fool’s Gold / Terminal Humor
CD3-2 Christian Resistance
CD3-3 Damned By Judges
CD3-4 No Resurrection
CD3-5 Evil’s Rising
CD3-6 Mortal Fear
CD3-7 Distant Calling
CD3-8 Alpha Omega (The Bringer Of Balance)
CD3-9 Blood Of The Saints
CD3-10 Black Plague
CD3-11 Terror & Submission
CD3-12 Tomorrow’s End
CD3-13 Guardians Of The Netherworld
El Revengo - Live Terror
Live In Dendermonde, Belgium
CD4-1 Black Plague
CD4-2 Evil’s Rising
CD4-3 Judas Reward
CD4-4 Debt Of Pain
CD4-5 Distant Calling
CD4-6 Christian Resistance
CD4-7 Blood Of The Saints
CD4-8 Immoral Wasteland
CD4-9 Alpha Omega
Live In Fort Lauderdale, Florida
CD4-10 Do Unto Others
CD4-11 Christian Resistance
CD4-12 Alpha Omega
Live in Milan, Italy
CD4-13 Judas Reward
CD4-14 Black Plague
Live In Milwaukee 1988
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 Black Plague
DVD-3 Do Unto Others
DVD-4 Alpha Omega
DVD-5 Christian Resistance
DVD-6 Judas Reward
DVD-7 No Resurrection
DVD-8 A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor / Mind Wars
DVD-9 Blood Of The Saints
Live In Chicago 1988
DVD-10 Blood Of The Saints
DVD-11 A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor / Mind Wars
Live In Anaheim 1988
DVD-12 Intro
DVD-13 Black Plague
DVD-14 Do Unto Others
DVD-15 Alpha Omega
DVD-16 Christian Resistance
DVD-17 Judas Reward
DVD-18 No Resurrection
DVD-19 Blood Of The Saints
DVD-20 Slide Show
DVD-21 Judas Reward Video
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