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Kult Ov Azazel - Artic Records Recordings - CD

Kult Ov Azazel - Artic Records Recordings - CD

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Format: 5 CD

CD I : Triumph Of Fire (2001)
I.1 Le Messe Noir
I.2 Triumph Of Fire
I.3 Destruction To The Throne Of God
I.4 My Misanthropy
I.5 To The Cold Beyond
I.6 In The Plagued Realm
I.7 Legions Unleashed
I.8 Altar Of Satan
I.9 Aether Cries
I.10 Embrace The Burning
I.11 Crown Of Fire
CD II : Oculus Infernum (2003)
II.1 Rex Infernus In Excelsis
II.2 Revelations Reflected From A Dead Jehova's Eyes
II.3 The Oracle Of Annihilation: Eradicating Sanctimonius Existence
II.4 Anguish Brought To Heaven
II.5 Invocating The Infernal Majesty
II.6 Oculus Infernum
II.7 Mark Of The Devil
II.8 Perpetual Demise Of The Bastard Son
II.9 Untitled
II.10 Black Arts
CD III : The World, The Flesh & The Devil (2005)
III.1 The World Is Full Of Violence
III.2 As Temples Burn
III.3 An Eternity With Satan
III.4 Compelled To Die
III.5 The Glorification Of Evil
III.6 Trampling The Cross
III.7 Blood, Death & Damnation
III.8 The Calling Forth
III.9 Bloodstained Path To Victory
CD IV : Feast Of Sacrilegious Impurity (2006)
IV.1 Blood, Death & Damnation
IV.2 Blasphemer
IV.3 Rex Infernus In Excelsis (Live)
IV.4 Oculus Infernum (Live)
IV.5 Perpetual Demise Of The Bastard Son (Live)
CD V : Destroying The Sacred (2009)
V.1 Nocturnal Blasphemy
V.2 Gutting Religious Heritage
V.3 Conquest And Decimate
V.4 Storm The Gates
V.5 Destroying The Sacred
V.6 The Plague Of Humanity
V.7 Ancient Evil
V.8 Slaughter The Prophets
V.9 Angel Of Fatal Winds
V.10 Hang The Pope
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