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Nine Covens - On The Coming Of Darkness freeshipping - Transcending Records

Nine Covens - On The Coming Of Darkness

Candlelight Records
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Track List
On The Resurrection And The Harrowing Of Hell
1 To Heaven's Door In Swart Night 3:26
2 Concealed In Darkness, He 3:30
3 Resided To The Darkness, Fall 6:06
On The Ascension And The Torment Of Hell
4 Cold Exile Of A Fallen Idol 4:47
5 In Darkness Find The Light Of Solace 3:06
On The Day Of Judgement
6 Quake Before The Earthly Judge 3:21
7 A New Light For The Earth Shall Shine 6:59
The Exiles Complaint
8 A Friendless Exile 4:47
9 A Mind Sorrows Rest 4:46

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