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Novembers Doom ‎– The Novella Vosselaar freeshipping - Transcending Records

Novembers Doom ‎– The Novella Vosselaar

The End Records
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Live Performance
1 Rain
2 The Novella Reservoir
3 Dark World Burden
4 With Rue And Fire
5 Autumn Reflection
6 For Every Leaf That Falls
7 The Day I Return
8 Not The Strong
9 The Voice Of Failure
10 Silent Tomorrow
11 Within My Flesh
12 Drown The Inland Mere
13 The Pale Haunt Departure
Promotional Videos
14 Rain
15 Autumn Reflection
16 The Pale Haunt Departure
Fan Made Videos
17 Twilight Innocence
18 Dark World Burden
19 Broken
20 The Lifeless Silhouette
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