Primordial ‎- Imrama

Primordial ‎- Imrama

Metal Blade Records
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CD + DVD. Comes in a double Digipack with liner notes.
Includes the 1993 demo "Dark Romanticism" Demo from 1993.


CD-1 Fuil Arsa 4:44
CD-2 Infernal Summer 6:11
CD-3 Here I Am King 4:24
CD-4 The Darkest Flame 5:18
CD-5 The Fires... 5:23
CD-6 Mealltach 1:27
CD-7 Let The Sun Set On Life Forever 4:26
CD-8 To The Ends Of The Earth 5:29
CD-9 Beneath A Bronze Sky 3:26
CD-10 Awaiting The Dawn 5:00
Dark Romanticism Demo 93
CD-11 To Enter Pagan 5:49
CD-12 The Darkest Flame 4:36
CD-13 Among The Lazarae 5:52
CD-14 To The Ends Of The Earth 6:03

Live Cork City, Ireland, February 1994 DVD
DVD-1 Among The Lazarae
DVD-2 Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
DVD-3 To Enter Pagan
DVD-4 The Darkest Flame
DVD-5 The Fires

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