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Season Of Mist

Rotting Christ - The Apocryphal Spells - LP

Rotting Christ - The Apocryphal Spells - LP

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Format: 3 LP Vinyl

A1 Astral Embodiment 5:29
A2 Fire And Flame 3:05
A3 I Am The Moonchild 2:41
A4 Holy Mountain 5:24
B1 The Call 5:04
B2 Pir Threontai (Remastered) 4:44
B3 Welcome To Hel 4:28
C1 Phóbos 4:13
C2 The Sons Of Hell 4:18
C3 Lok’tar Ogar 4:18
D1 Demonon Vrosis-(Remixed & Remastered) 5:01
D2 Spiritus Sancti 4:51
D3 Visions Of The Dead Lovers 4:46
E1 I Will Not Serve 3:56
E2 Phobia 5:40
E3 Moonlight 4:17
E4 Naturdemonernas Lockrop: I 1000 Djävlars Namn 4:07
F1 Viicious Joy And Black Delight 4:18
F2 Tormentor (Kreator cover) 2:35
F3 Flag Of Hate-Pleasure To Kill (Kreator cover) 4:10
F4 Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover) 6:01
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