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Sodom - 40 Years At War: The Greatest Hell Of Sodom

Sodom - 40 Years At War: The Greatest Hell Of Sodom

Steamhammer SPV
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Limited Edition Box Set
- 2LP edition exclusive to this box
- CD in Digipak
- bonus CD
- tape with bonus track Equinox
- 2 poster
- sticker
- 72-page book
- handsigned photocard

Track List
LP-A1 Sepulchral Voice
LP-A2 After The Deluge
LP-A3 Electrocution
LP-A4 Baptism Of Fire
LP-B1 Better Off Dead
LP-B2 Body Parts
LP-B3 Jabba The Hut
LP-B4 Gathering Of Minds
LP-B5 That's What An Unknown Killer Diarized
LP-C1 Book Burning
LP-C2 Genocide
LP-C3 City Of God
LP-C4 Ashes To Ashes
LP-D1 In War And Pieces
LP-D2 S.O.D.O.M.
LP-D3 Caligula
LP-D4 Euthanasia
CD1-1 Sepulchral Voice
CD1-2 After The Deluge
CD1-3 Electrocution
CD1-4 Baptism Of Fire
CD1-5 Better Off Dead
CD1-6 Body Parts
CD1-7 Jabba The Hut
CD1-8 Gathering Of Minds
CD1-9 That’s What An Unknown Killer Diarized
CD1-10 . Book Burning
CD1-11 Genocide
CD1-12 City Of God
CD1-13 Ashes To Ashes
CD1-14 In War And Pieces
CD1-15 S.O.D.O.M.
CD1-16 Caligula
CD1-17 Euthanasia
CD2-1 1982
CD2-2 Witching Metal
CD2-3 Victims Of Death
CD2-4 Let's Fight In The Darkness Of Hell
MC-A1 Sepulchral Voice
MC-A2 After The Deluge
MC-A3 Electrocution
MC-A4 Baptism Of Fire
MC-A5 Better Off Dead
MC-A6 Body Parts
MC-A7 Jabba The Hut
MC-A8 Gathering Of Minds
MC-A9 That's What An Unknown Killer Diarized
MC-B1 Book Burning
MC-B2 Genocide
MC-B3 City Of God
MC-B4 Ashes To Ashes
MC-B5 In War And Pieces
MC-B6 S.O.D.O.M.
MC-B7 Caligula
MC-B8 Euthanasia
MC-B9 Equinox

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