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Turbonegro - Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives

Turbonegro - Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives

Indie Recordings
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Black Vinyl

Track List
A1 Librium Love 5:17
A2 Armed & Fairly Well Equipped 4:06
A3 Suburban Anti-Christ 1:58
A4 Punk Pals 2:30
A5 Kiss The Knife 1:57
A6 Vaya Con Satan 4:03
A7 I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls 2:14
B8 Hot Cars 3:34
B9 Clenched Teeth 2:23
B10 Manimal 4:13
B11 Dark Secret Girl 1:58
B12 New Wave Song 2:40
B13 Nadsat Comes Easy 4:29
B14 Zonked Out On Hashish 2:02

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