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Vader - Necropolis freeshipping - Transcending Records

Vader - Necropolis

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Clear vinyl with Black & Red Splatter

Track List
A1 Devilizier 3:19
A2 Rise Of The Undead 3:52
A3 Never Say My Name 2:01
A4 Blast 1:50
A5 The Seal 2:10
A6 Dark Heart 2:59
A7 Impure 3:40
B1 Summoning The Futura 1:05
B2 Anger 2:14
B3 We Are The Horde 3:10
B4 When The Sun Drowns In Dark 7:06
B5 Black Metal Venom - Cover 3:13
B6 Fight Fire With Fire Metallica - Cover 4:05

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