NOTICE: ALL Vinyl Pre-Orders DELAYED - Click for the latest pre-order updates.

Current pre-order statuses

** Manufacturing delays are EXPECTED. **

As most everyone knows, vinyl manufacturing is taking a really REALLY long time everywhere. If you do not wish to wait for your pre-ordered item, please use our contact page and we will provide a refund. Harassing us about delays will also earn you a refund. Please do not email asking when something will be shipping, all ETAs are below and all ETAs are our best guess. Actual delivery dates are not being provided to us by manufacturing at this time because they are too far backed up and larger labels get preferential treatment over small labels like ours. Once we receive a fulfillment notice, we will update the information below. Until we get a fulfillment notice, we DO NOT know when an album will begin shipping. But we do know that they will all eventually arrive.
Your patience is appreciated.

Samael - Eternal
Now Shipping

Flowing Tears - Jade
Now Shipping

Samael - Rebellion
Now Shipping

Dream Evil - Evilized
Now Shipping

Ingested - The Architect of Extinction
Now Shipping

Charon - Downhearted 
Now Shipping

Tiamat - Wildhoney (2nd Pressing)
ETA manufacturing mess-up has delayed this until 2022

Charon - Tearstained 
ETA Jan 2022 (test presses approved)

Chrome Waves - The Rain Will Cleanse
CD Now Shipping
LP ETA Dec 2021 (test presses approved)

Black Tongue - Born Hanged/Falsifier & The Unconquerable Dark
Late Q1 2022