Current pre-order statuses

In an effort to avoid fielding the same questions through email, I'll be keeping an updated status on items that are in manufacturing here for everyone.

Transylvania Stud - White Witch
Delayed - unfortunately the test presses came in from manufacturing with the last 10 seconds of the final track cut off. We are currently awaiting the new test presses. Current ETA as of Mar 25th is mid-April. 
* Update April 2nd * New test presses arrived and sound great. Full production has been green lighted. 

Gorement - The Ending Quest
* Update April 3nd * Vinyl and CDs are in stock and NOW Shipping!

Prostitute Disfigurement - Embalmed Madness
Arrived and all pre-orders have shipped. 

The Gathering - Mandylion
ETA is May 15th. Currently on schedule. If anything changes, it will be posted here.