No, Transcending Records is not dissolved

It would seem someone has posted that Transcending Records is out of business. This is not the case. The physical shop and the LLC that was created for the shop were ended in 2022, but the online shop remains and orders are shipped daily Mon-Fri. 

Black Tongue refunds
I am providing refunds as quickly as I can in the order they were received. Repeated requests will reset your place to the back of the line. Please be patient. 

Future of the label
The future of the label is uncertain at this point. We still hold licensing rights for half a dozen releases that have not been sent into production due to the manufacturing situation that is still ongoing in the industry. There are several new manufacturing plants and options that have become available in the past year that may allow small labels like ours to move forward again. But right now the risks outweigh the rewards and nothing is going to happen until the other issues we're dealing with are cleared up. 

The future of the online record shop
The online record shop is a separate entity from the label and is in no way shutting down. We are liquidating slow moving product, but still stocking new titles weekly/bi-weekly. Most orders ship within 1 business day. 

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