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Hawkwind - Live Chronicles

Hawkwind - Live Chronicles

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Track List
A1 The Cronicle Of The Black Sword
A2 Song Of The Swords
A3 Dragons & Fables
A4 Narration
A5 The Sea King
A6 Dead God's Homecoming
A7 Angels Of Death
A8 Shade Gate
B9 Rocky Paths
B10 Narration Elric The Enchanter Part One
B11 The Pulsing Cavern
B12 Master Of The Universe
B13 Dragon Song
B14 Dreaming City
B15 Choose Your Masques
B16 Fight Sequence
C17 Assault & Battery
C18 Sleep Of A Thousand Tears
C19 Zarozinia
C20 Lords Of Chaos
C21 The Dark Lords
C22 Wizards Of Pan Tang
C23 Moonglum Friend Without A Cause
C24 Elric The Enchanter Part Two
D25 Needle Gun
D26 Conjuration Of Magnu
D27 Magnu
D28 Dust Of Time
D29 The Final Fight
D30 Horn Of Fate

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