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Back On Black

Rotten Sound - Under Pressure

Rotten Sound - Under Pressure

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Blue Vinyl in Gatefold

Track List
A1 Dominion
A2 Controlled Mind
A3 Stages
A4 Under Pressure
A5 I, A Product
A6 Insomnia
A7 Natural
A8 Skinsaw
A9 Corporate Fuck
A10 Vicious Circle
A11 Social Rinse
B1 Debility
B2 Principles Of Abuse
B3 Saviour-Pressurewave
B4 Jesus Christ Fan Club
B5 Loosin' Face
B6 Renewer
B7 Subordinated
B8 Shut Down
B9 Affected
B10 Nerves
B12 Guard Of The Paradise

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