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Unearth - The March

Unearth - The March

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Special Edition CD+DVD

Track List
CD-1 My Will Be Done 3:37
CD-2 Hail The Shrine 3:57
CD-3 Crow Killer 3:17
CD-4 Grave Of Opportunity 3:53
CD-5 We Are Not Anonymous 3:03
CD-6 The March 3:29
CD-7 Cutman 3:13
CD-8 The Chosen 3:54
CD-9 Letting Go 4:44
CD-10 Truth Or Consequence 4:10
CD-11a Our Callous Skin (Bonus Track) 10:15
CD-11b Silence Caught The Stubborn Tongue (Bonus Track)
The Documentaires
DVD-1 Making 'The March'
DVD-2 The Three Day March
DVD-3 Gig Life 2009
The Videos
DVD-4 This Glorious Nightmare (Live At Wacken)
DVD-5 My Heart Bleeds No Longer (Live At Wacken)
DVD-6 Black Hearts Now Reign (Live At Wacken)
DVD-7 The Great Dividers (Live At Wacken)
DVD-8 My Will Be Done (Video)
DVD-9 Grave Of Opportunity (Video)
DVD-10 Crowkiller (Video)
DVD-11 Preproduction With Adam D Part 1
DVD-12 Preproduction With Adam D Part 2
DVD-13 Recording Guitars
DVD-14 Recording Vocals
DVD-15 Recording Back Up Vocals With Norma Jean

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